SocanSanat Pars (Joint Stock Company) established in 2005 with expertise from engineering products, Automobile and motorbikes business.
In 2011 the company built its own factory in 75,350 square feet with 37,675 square feet covered production area in Gilan province as the first and only producer of Engine in Iran.
There are one engine assembly line and one motorcycle line along with test rooms and equipments for this purpose.
We mainly focus on unique and typical kinds of 250cc bike which is max allowed capacity in Iran. Hence we have chosen Regal Raptor for the production after successfully marketing their motorcycle in US, Spain, Italy, UK, Germany, Australia and etc.
The REGAL RAPTOR is known worldwide for its factors such as design, quality and efficiency. These motorcycles have been designed by world renowned designers of Harley Davidson.
SocanSanat Pars produce her products for the special customers and all lovers of custom style bikes in market with our venture slogan “Quality is our priority”